Course Information

Classes designed exclusively for students of outstanding academic ability are the core of the Honors College at UW Oshkosh. In Honors courses, students work closely with instructors and with each other, and whenever possible, independent research is encouraged. Honors classes are small, allowing stimulating exchanges between professors and students as well as in-depth coverage of material. The aim of the Honors curriculum is not to mimic a demanding, more time consuming, AP-style class environment; Honors classes are designed to provide greater engagement with the material. The Honors College’s enhanced undergraduate curriculum emphasizes reading, writing, and interactive communication skills through discussions and projects. Honors courses also allow students to engage in learning and research in close cooperation with other high-achieving students and our dedicated faculty.

The Honors curriculum includes

  • The Honors Core (which also includes the Senior Capstone): offerings unique to the Honors College that are unlike other courses on campus.
  • Elective Requirements: small, general education classes limited solely to Honors students.

Students must earn a grade of C or higher in their Honors courses to receive Honors credit.