The Honors Alumni Award is given to graduates of the Honors College whose professional and civic accomplishments have contributed significantly to their field and to their community.



Past Winners

2016: Tracy Wilichowski

Tracy Wilichowski receiving the Honors Outstanding Alumni Award in 2016.Tracy Wilichowski graduated from the Honors College in 2012 with majors in History and Philosophy and a minor in Social Justice.  Before graduating, she was accepted into the highly competitive Teach for America Program (TFA).  She lived in Miami for two years while she served as an instructor in the Miami-Dade Public School System where she worked in challenging circumstances with underrepresented children in the school district.  During her two years there, she collaborated on a number of initiatives involving curriculum change and goal-driven instruction.  Her students’ writing test scores increased dramatically under her mentorship.  Shortly after honoring her commitment to TFA, she was awarded the Rotary International Global Grant Scholarship to study international development at the London School of Economics (LSE).  She graduated from LSE with High Merit and a Master of Science in Development Management.  While living in London, she used her skills to serve others: she did an internship for a development company where she was part of a launch team to raise funds for a water resource management project in Kenya, Africa.  She served as a project consultant for a group aimed at evaluating women’s legislative, civic, and political party programs operating in a post-Arab Spring context. And she always made time to help the Honors students studying in London for their study abroad!  Tracy recently accepted a position with the World Bank in Washington DC.

2015: Jonathan Dudzinski

Jonathan Dudzinski receiving the 2015 Honors Outstanding Alumni AwardJonathan Dudzinski graduated from the Honors College with a degree in accounting and finance in 2012. During his junior year Jon saved a life by donating bone marrow to a complete stranger. He founded a student organization to convince other students to do the same thing. Over 1000 students have registered since then, and over a dozen have gone on to donate. During Jon’s senior year he published a version of his Honors Thesis on Warren Buffett’s “Cigar Butt” investing technique, a strategy that produced returns of almost 29% per year, in the Journal of Investing. Upon graduation Jon sat for and passed the Chartered Financial Analyst examination. This exam is considered the gold standard on Wall Street, and has a 3% pass rate. Jon is the youngest person to ever pass this exam. Jon is presently a Portfolio Manager at Carl M. Hennig Inc., where he manages approximately $40 million worth of accounts using the Cigar Butt Investing strategy he researched for his Honors Thesis.  In addition, Jon keeps busy as a Board Member of the UW Oshkosh Foundation, an active member of the Oshkosh Southwest Rotary Group, a Board Member of the Alta Resources Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a beekeeper, and other activities. He is also the Guinness World Records holder for the longest distanced traveled while conga line dancing.